Sloth Encounters

2023 Sloth Encounters

Sloth Encounters will return in Spring 2023!

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Sloth Encounter Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a Sloth Encounter gift certificate? Can I book a Sloth Encounter as a gift for someone or for a special occasion?
Sorry, gift certificates are not available for Sloth Encounters, and we do not take special requests for Sloth Encounters. When available, Sloth Encounter dates are released one week at a time to account for weather, staff availability, and the behavior of the sloths. Registration is only available online first come, first served, and spots are very limited.

Can I reserve a sloth encounter for next year?
Sloth Encounters cannot be booked/reserved before registration opens. If encounters are offered in 2022, they will need to be booked online through the Eventbrite page.

 Is there a waitlist?
Sorry, there is not a waitlist for Sloth Encounters.

Have a question about Sloth Encounters that isn’t answered above? Email [email protected]

Hang out with a two-toed sloth during a sloth encounter! These encounters, presented by EARTH Limited, provide zoo visitors with the opportunity to meet one of our sloths up close. Half of proceeds from sloth encounters will be donated to the Sloth Institute, and the remaining proceeds will help support EARTH Limited’s educational programming at our zoo.

Each encounter session will last approximately 20 minutes. Participants will meet zoo staff in front the EARTH Discovery Center. Encounters begin with a brief talk focusing on sloth biology, conservation, and the sloths living at the zoo. Participants will enter the enclosure with one of the Educators and have the opportunity to feed the sloth (depending on their behaviors). Participants will NOT be able to hold or touch the sloths.

*Spots are VERY limited and must be reserved online in advance. Zoo passes, coupons, discounts, or other offers cannot be applied to the price of sloth encounters. Gift certificates are not available for sloth encounters.

Note: Sorry, gift certificates are not available for sloth encounters. Please remember that sloth encounters cannot be reserved or purchased before registration opens for the season. We cannot take special requests for dates and times. There is not a wait list for Sloth Encounters. Encounter spots are very limited and only available online first-come, first-served.


Non-member: $79 (+ processing fee)

EARTH Ltd. Member: $59 (+ processing fee)

Note to members: To receive your member discount, click “enter promotional code” when you register. Your code is the first 5 letters of your last name + the first 2 letters of your first name. Example: John Smith’s code would be SMITHJO. If your last name is fewer than 5 letters, just use your full last name + the first 2 letters of your first name, Jane Doe’s code would be DOEJA.
*Must be a current EARTH member at the time of registration to receive the member discount. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

Note: Pricing for sloth encounters DOES NOT include admission to the zoo. Admission is required and must be purchased separately online or at the entrance. Click here for current visitor and admission information.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Participants will not be allowed hold the sloths.
  • All Sloth Encounter participants must be at least 8 years of age.
  • Only registered and paid sloth encounter participants are allowed into the sloth enclosure. Non-registered family and friends visiting the zoo are welcome to watch and take pictures from outside of the habitat however!
  • Each encounter session has a maximum of 2 people.
  • Encounter time is 10:30 am, be on time. Admission ticket price is not included with the encounter.
  • Please be aware that, due to the limited availability, sloth encounters cannot be rescheduled. If participants do not show up or are more than 10 minutes late to their scheduled encounter, the encounter cannot be refunded or rescheduled. Refunds are not available for Sloth Encounters.
  • We suggest wearing comfortable closed-toe shoes. We DO NOT recommend wearing flip flops or sandals.
  • Sloth encounters take place rain or shine. 
  • Zoo passes, gift cards, coupons, discounts, or other offers cannot be applied to the price of sloth encounters.
  • We  cannot take requests for custom dates/times. The only dates available are those listed on the registration page. Please note that sloth encounters cannot be reserved or purchased before registration opens for the season.
  • Please be aware that there is not a wait list for sloth encounters.