Guest Services

Contact Southwick’s Zoo Guest Services:


Our Guest Services window, located at admissions, is open daily during the zoo season to offer assistance to our visitors. If you are planning a trip to our zoo, please first review all Safety Rules and our Frequently Asked Questions to help prepare for your visit.

Southwick’s Zoo Map

Guests With Disabilities

Southwick’s Zoo is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, and currently meets all state and federal standards. However, the zoo property is located on very hilly terrain and not all pathways are paved, which may make it difficult for some visitors to get around the zoo.

We advise ALL visitors to use caution while moving throughout the zoo. Remember to keep the following in mind while traveling through the zoo:

  • Please go SLOW and use extra caution if in a wheelchair or pushing someone in a wheelchair.
  • Please watch for uneven pavement and use caution on the transition from pavement to hard dirt.
  • The zoo map looks flat, but the zoo is on a hill with 3 levels – 1) Upper Level where you begin at the main entrance, 2) Middle Level where Zebra Café and EARTH Discovery Center are located, and 3) Lower Level where lions, tigers, show arena, and train station are located.
  • It is easier to navigate by STARTING WITH THE LOWER LEVEL (this way guests will not get “stranded” on the lower level after a full day of activity) by leaving the main entrance and slowly making your way straight down the hill past Zebra Café towards the show arena and rhino habitat.
  • To reach the middle level from the lower level, we suggest going by way of the train station and chimpanzees to access the middle level. This is an easier incline to manage.
  • To reach the upper level, we suggest going through Deer Forest from the chimpanzees towards the giraffe habitat. We do NOT recommend going up the Playground Hill or the Camel/Rainforest Maze Hill, as these are steep and difficult to manage.


In partnership with Scooterbug, we offer stroller, wagon, wheelchair, and scooter rentals for our visitors.

Wheelchairs and scooters may be reserved in advance by calling 1-800-258-9182 ext 204. All reserved wheelchair and scooter rentals must be paid in full by credit card over the phone. Reserved rentals cannot be refunded. We have a very limited number of wheelchair and scooter rentals, so if you do not reserve a wheelchair or scooter in advance (we recommend calling at least a week before your planned visit), we cannot guarantee availability the day of your visit. Strollers and wagons cannot be reserved over the phone.

Rental Rates:

Stroller $8
Double Stroller $10
Wagon $10
Wheelchair $15
Scooter $35


Rental Guidelines

  • We have a limited number of each rental. If you plan on renting a wheelchair or scooter, you may want to call ahead and reserve it in advance. We strongly recommend calling to reserve a scooter or wheelchair at least a week before your planned visit.
  • Visitors must show a photo ID to be eligible for a rental
  • Rentals require a $10 deposit (cash only) Note: The deposit will not be refunded if rental is returned to the entrance after 5:00pm.
  • All rentals must be returned to the entrance no later than 5:00pm. If a rental is returned later than 5:00pm, the deposit will not be returned, or the ID may need to be mailed to the owner the next day.
  • Renters must be at least 18 years of age to operate scooters.


Notice about Galliford’s Stroller Parking:

Please be aware that, after the zoo closes, any strollers parked in the stroller parking on Galliford’s lower patio will be moved to the stroller parking area located at Galliford’s front entrance.

Reminder: All rental strollers MUST be returned to the entrance no later than 5:00pm. If you do not return your rental by 5:00pm, your deposit will not be returned or your ID will need to be mailed to you the next day.