Gift Shops & Dining

Starting September 7, 2021, the only food venues available on weekdays for the remainder of the zoo season will be the Deli (located across from the petting zoo and behind Galliford’s) and Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern. Visit for current menus and hours. Additional food venues may be open on weekends.

Note: Certain food stands and gift shops are weather dependent, and some may only be open during peak times during our season. We cannot always guarantee what smaller food and retails venues may be available on any given day during season. The Purple Peacock Gift Shop is open daily during the zoo season, and Galliford’s remains open year-round.

Southwick’s Zoo offers a variety of retail and food venues through out the zoo for visitors to enjoy. Our primary gift shop, the Purple Peacock, and our full-service restaurant, Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern, are located near the zoo’s main entrance.

Allergy Friendly Options: Gluten free and allergen free options can be found at the Deli located behind Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern. Galliford’s also offers a number of dishes that can be modified to be gluten free. Please remember to inform your server of any allergies in your party.

The Purple Peacock Gift Shop

1-800-258-9182 ext 203

The Purple Peacock is our largest and most popular gift shop. It features a wide selection of clothing, plush, toys, jewelry, home goods, and much more. The Purple Peacock offers FREE gift wrapping!

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The Purple Peacock Gift Shop is open daily during the zoo season (April through October)

Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern


Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern is the full-service restaurant located next to our zoo. Galliford’s offers a varied menu featuring classic comfort food as well as burgers, salads, seafood, pizza, and more.

Galliford’s remains open year-round. Visit for current hours and menus. Zoo admission is not required to enter the restaurant.

Galliford’s Stroller Policy:  Strollers must be left outside the restaurant due to the high volume of visitors. This policy is in place for the safety of our guests and staff. It is also in place to help provide clear and unobstructed walkways in the event of an emergency. High chairs and booster seats are available for children of ages. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!