Shows & Keeper Talks

All shows and presentations are weather permitting.

EARTH Ltd’s Live Animal Presentations

Live Animal Presentations at the EARTH Discovery Center & Keeper talks

Stop by the EARTH Discovery Center to watch one of our live presentations and meet a few of our animal ambassadors! Shows at EARTH focus on educating others about environmental issues including animal ecology, adaptations, endangered species, and more.

Our EARTH animal care team also offers keeper talks at certain animal habitats in the zoo!


11:30am (SATURDAYS ONLY): Iguana Keeper talk at Iguana Habitat
11:30am (SUNDAYS ONLY):
Serval Keeper Talk at Serval Habitat
1:30pm (DAILY):
Sloth Keeper Talk at Upper Sloth Habitat
2:30pm (WEEKENDS): Live Animal Presentation at EARTH Discovery Center Stage

Bird Presentations

Photo credit: rayaonassignment.com

Bird Presentations at the Bird Show Arena

Location: Bird Show Arena

Learn more about some of our beautiful and intelligent birds during these informative shows presented by our bird trainers and EARTH Limited! We offer three different bird presentations: Avian Adventures, Bird Brains, and Wild Wings. Audiences will see a variety of birds and learn about topics including natural behaviors, how our avian team trains our birds, and parrot conservation efforts. Some lucky visitors may even get to participate in a training session!

You may want a bring a dollar or two! Our sun conures, Polly and Piper, will be flying during some shows to retrieve them from you! Half of the donations they collect will be donated towards building nest boxes for wild Blue-throated Macaws (a critically endangered species), and half will be used to purchase toys and enrichment supplies to help keep our birds happy and healthy!


11:30am (DAILY): Avian Adventures at the Bird Show Arena
1:00pm (DAILY): Bird Presentation at the Bird Show Arena
2:00pm (SATURDAYS ONLY): Emu Keeper Talk at the Emu Habitat
2:00pm (SUNDAYS ONLY): Owl Keeper Talk at the Eurasian Eagle Owl Habitat

Sloth Keeper Talks

Location: Upper sloth habitat (near the chimps and EARTH Discovery Center)

Watch a sloth eat its lunch and ask our keepers your sloth questions! Sloth keeper talks provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about sloth behavior and conservation directly from our keepers.

*Visitors cannot touch or feed sloths during keeper talks.


Starting May 29th
Daily at 1:30 pm – Upper Sloth Habitat

Iguana Keeper Talks

Location: Green Iguana Habitat

Learn more about the green iguana from  one of the keepers that cares for him!


Starting May 29th
Saturdays at 11:30 am – Iguana Habitat

Serval Keeper Talks

Location: The serval habitat

This is the purrfect keeper talk for visitors that love cats! Learn more about our Lilly and Andre the servals from their keepers.


Starting May 30th
Sundays at 11:30 am – Serval Habitat

Hyena Feedings/Keeper Talks

Location: Hyena Habitat

Want to learn more about our pair of spotted hyenas? Stop by their habitat to see our keepers feed them a snack! This is a great opportunity to learn about these fascinating carnivores and to ask our keepers questions.

Please be aware that dates and times are subject to change without notice.


Hyena Feedings/Keeper Talks begin at 2:00pm

2021 Schedule

  • Sunday, June 6th
  • Sunday, June 13th
  • Saturday, June 19th
  • Saturday, June 26th

    Ask the Zoo Crew Stage

    Location: Zoo Crew Stage (in front of Patagonian Cavy habitat)

    Stop by the Ask the Zoo Crew Stage, located just before the Patagonian Cavy habitat, to learn from our animal care staff, interns, and docents! A member of our zoo crew will be available at this location with an animal or educational artifact to educate and answer visitor questions.


    The Zoo Crew schedule will be posted daily at the entrance and at the Zoo Crew Stage.