Wolf’s Guenon

Cercopithecus wolfi

Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Cercopithecidae


Length: 50 inches in length including the tail


20-26 years


Plants, fruit, insects

Habitat & Range

Rainforests of Central Africa


Interesting Facts

  • Wolf’s guenons are a species of monkey found in the rainforests of the Congo and Uganda. They can sometimes be found in swamp areas and near riverbanks.
  • Their name has nothing to do with wolves or canine teeth. They are named for the individual who discovered them, Dr Ludwig Wolf.
  • Their main predators are crowned eagles and leopards. When a guenon spots an eagle or leopard, they will alert the others with an alarm call and retreat from the tree branches.
  • Wolf’s guenons sometimes live in mixed species groups sharing territory with Schmidt’s guenons and black mangabey monkeys. Living in mixed groups helps improve protection from predators.

Conservation Status



These monkeys are threatened by loss of habitat to agriculture and logging.