Red River Hog

Potamochoerus porcus

Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Suidae


Length: 3-5 ft   Weight: 100-260 lbs


13-20 years


These omnivores feed on a wide range of foods including plants, roots, berries, fruit, small mammals, eggs, and carrion.

Habitat & Range

Forest and rainforest of western and central Africa

Interesting Facts

  • These wild pigs are easily recognized by their shaggy, reddish brown coats and long, tasseled ears.
  • Red river hogs are social and often live in family groups ranging from 4-20 pigs. These groups are called sounders and are typically made up of one adult boar (male) and the rest are sows (females) and juveniles.
  • Males are larger than the females. Males also have large warts above their eyes. They purpose of these fleshy protrusions is to protect the pig’s eye from the tusks of rival males during displays of dominance

Conservation Status

Least Concern


Red river hogs are considered common, however their numbers are decreasing due to over hunting.