Green Winged Macaw

Ara chloropterus

Class: Aves Order: Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae


Weight: 2.6-3.7 lbs


Lifespan (Wild): 30 years
Lifespan (Captivity): 50 years


Fruit, nuts, and seeds

Habitat & Range

Forests and rainforests of northern and central South America

Interesting Facts

  • Green winged macaws are also called red and green macaws. They are one of the largest species of macaw, second only to the hyacinth macaw, and have one of the largest ranges of any macaw species.
  • This species is often monogamous and mates for life.
  • This species bears a striking resemblance to scarlet macaws. Green winged macaws can be distinguished by their larger size and the green band of feathers on their wings. Green winged macaws can also be identified by the rows of tiny red feathers near their eyes.

Conservation Status

Least Concern


This species is considered common and have a broad range, however they are threatened by loss of habitat and the illegal pet trade.