Nymphicus hollandicus

Class: Aves Order: Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae


Length: 12-14 in


Fresh veggies and fruits, seeds and pellets


Lifespan: 16-25 years

Habitat & Range

Open country, usually near water, in mainland Australia

Interesting Facts

  • Cockatiels are a small species of parrot native to Australia. Other names for the cockatiel are “quarrion” and “weiro”.
  • They are the smallest type of cockatoo. Cockatiels have a crest on their heads which can is used to communicate their emotions. When the crest is raised, the bird is excited. When their crest is lowered they are relaxed.
  • Cockatiels usually live in groups of about 12 birds, however they may form flocks numbering in the hundreds when food is plentiful.
  • Cockatiels, unlike some larger species of parrot, cannot accurately imitate the human voice. However, they do have the ability to mimic melodies and can sing.

Conservation Status

Least Concern