Black Swan

Cygnus atratus

Class: Aves Order: Anseriformes Family: Anatidae


Weight (Males): 13-20 lbs
Weight (Females): 9-15 lbs


Aquatic plants


Lifespan (Wild): 12 years
Lifespan (Captivity): up to 40 years

Habitat & Range

Lakes, rivers, streams ,and swamplands (fresh water, brackish, or saltwater) in Australia

Interesting Facts

  • They may appear completely black in color, however their flight feathers are actually white.
  • Black swans have long ‘S’ shaped necks containing 22-25 vertebrae. In comparison, humans and many other mammals only have 7 vertebrae in their neck.
  • A male swan is called a ‘cob’ and a female is a ‘pen’. Black swans are monogamous and often mate for life. Both parents care for the eggs and hatchlings. The cygnets will sometimes ride on a parent’s back.

Conservation Status

Least Concern