Great Green Macaw

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Scientific Name
Ara ambiguus


Wild: 50 years
Captivity: 60- 80 years

26-34 in

Average Weight
2.7-3.5 lbs

Group Name

Group Size

Name of Young

We Eat:
We Live:
We Are:Endangered
The number of great green macaws in the wild is decreasing due to deforestation and the illegal pet trade

Did you know?

  • They are also known as the Buffon’s Macaw. Theses large birds and have a wingspan up to 50 inches.
  • Great green amcaws live in deep canyons and plateaus, and they build their nests on cliff faces.
  • Great green macaws are often confused with military macaws which are also green with a red forehead. The great green macaw, however, is larger.
  • Like all parrots, great green macaws are protected by the US Bird Act of 1995, which made the capture and sale of these birds in the US is prohibited. This act has reduced the number of macaws illegally taken from the wild for the pet trade, although it has not eliminated the problem.

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