White Handed Gibbon

Hylobates Lar

Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Hylobatidae


Weight: 10-20 lbs


Lifespan (Wild): Up to 20 years
Lifespan (Captivity): Up to 40 years


Plants, fruit, nuts, and insects

Habitat & Range

Forest and rainforest of Indonesia and Malaysia

Interesting Facts

  • They may resemble monkeys, but gibbons are members of the ape family.
  • They are true brachiators and use their long arms in a hand over hand motion to swing through the trees. They can also walk and run upright.
  • Gibbons have tough horny pads on their rear end for sitting on rough surfaces.
  • A white handed gibbon’s fur may be brown, cream, or black regardless of gender or age. Thier fur color depends on genetic inheritance from its parents.
  • They communicate through many vocalizations including songlike calls, warning barks, and distinct duets declaring territory.
  • A gibbon has a varied diet that includes figs (when in season), other fruits, leaves, other parts of plants, insects, and bird eggs. They sometimes drink water that has collected in tree holes by cupping it in their hands.

Conservation Status



Threats include hunting, illegal pet trade, and deforestation. Much of their native habitat has been cleared for agriculture, logging, palm oil plantations, and construction of roads.