Red Ruffed Lemur

Varecia rubra

Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Lemuridae


Weight: 7-10 lbs


Lifespan (Wild): 15-20 years
Lifespan (Captivity): Up to 25 years


They are herbivores and eat fruit (particularly figs), nectar, pollen, and leaves

Habitat & Range

Rainforests of Madagascar

Interesting Facts

  • Red Ruffed Lemurs are one of the largest primates in Madagascar.
  • The females are usually heavier than the males. They live in matriarchal groups led by a dominant female with up to 16 members.
  • Red ruffed lemurs have acute eyesight, but it is believed that this species along with many other lemurs, have limited color vision. Lemurs are thought to have dichromatic vision, meaning they see in two colors.
  • They rarely descend to the ground. Females build nests of leaves and branches for their young in the trees. Once the young are a few weeks old, the mother will stash them in hiding places while she forages nearby.

Conservation Status

Critically Endangered


Few red ruffed lemurs remain in the wild due to loss of habitat, hunting, and trapping.