Red Kangaroo

Macropus rufus

Class: Mammalia Order: Diprotodontia Family: Macropodidae


Height (Males): 6 feet
Height (Females): 3.6 feet

Weight (Males): 200+ lbs
Weight (Females): 77 lbs


15-20 years


Grasses and leaves

Habitat & Range

Grasslands and deserts of Australia

Interesting Facts

  • Red Kangaroos are the largest mammal living in Australia. They are also the largest species of marsupials. Marsupials are mammals whose young develop outside of the womb.
  • They are macropods. This means “big foot”. Kangaroos can leap a distance of up to 26 feet and as high as 10 feet.
  • Kangaroos have a rather short gestation period of 33 days. After the joey, which is the size of a jelly bean, is born, it climbs up the mother’s belly and into her pouch. It stays there, feeding from a nipple inside, for 190 days.
  • Groups of kangaroos, called a mob, are led by a male. Males are called “boomers”. The rest of the group members are females, known as “does” or “flyers”, and their young which are called “joeys”.

Conservation Status

Least Concern


Red Kangaroos have a large and stable population. They have few major threats.