Laughing Kookaburra

Dacelo novaeguineae

Class: Aves Order: Coraciiformes Family: Alcedinidae


Length: 15-18 inches
Weight: 0.8-1 lb


Up to 20 years


These birds are carnivores and feed on lizards, small snakes, small mammals, and young birds.

Habitat & Range

Kookaburras are native to Australia and New Zealand. They can be found in woodland areas and are commonly found in eucalyptus forests; however they have adapted to living in urban areas. 

Interesting Facts

  • The Laughing Kookaburra is the largest member of the king fisher family.
  • A laughing kookaburra’s beak is about 4 inches in length. They are carnivores and hunt a variety of invertebrates and small vertebrates. They have been known to even catch snakes as large as 3 feet in length!
  • Laughing kookaburras are well known for their unique laughing vocalizations. They are sometimes called “bushman’s clocks” because they call most frequently at dusk and dawn. In aboriginal folklore Kookaburras were told to wake everything up when the world was created.
  • Their easily recognizable call has made its way into our popular culture. It is often featured in jungle themed movie and television soundtracks regardless of the setting’s location.

Conservation Status

Least Concern