Lady Ross' Turaco

Musophaga rossae

Class: Aves Order: Musophagiformes Family: Musophagida


Weight: 0.5-1 lb


Lifespan (Wild): 5-9 years
Lifespan (Captivity): 15 years


Fruit, flowers, and seeds

Habitat & Range

Canopy levels of forests and woodland areas in central and southern Africa

Interesting Facts

  •  Lady Ross’s turacos are the second largest species in the turaco family. Turacos are clumsy flyers, but they are very agile when climbing tree branches.
  • Turacos are very vocal. Their call sounds like “g’way”, so they are sometimes referred to as go-away birds.
  • Turacos have a unique foot structure. They have four toes on each foot, and the outermost toes on each foot can face either forwards or backwards. This increases their grip as they run and perch on branches.

Conservation Status

Least Concern