Black Crested Mangabey

Lophocebus aterrimus

Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Cercopithecidae


Weight: 8-24 lbs


These monkeys are mostly herbivorous feeding on fruit, leaves, and seeds, however they sometimes consume insects.


20-26 years

Habitat & Range

Tropical rainforest, Democratic Republic of the Congo, south of the Congo River, and in Angol

Interesting Facts

  • Their name comes from the large crest of black fur on their heads. These slender monkeys are covered in black hair with curved grey whiskers on their cheeks.
  • This primate relies mostly on vocalizations to communicate. Adult males have a particular call which is referred to as a “whoop-gobble”. The whoop is to get attention, and the gobble is to tell other groups who he is and his location.
  • An adult mangabey’s tail is longer than its body. These arboreal monkeys use their tail for stability while they move through the trees. They can jump about 16 feet between trees.

Conservation Status



These monkeys are greatly threatened by hunting and loss of habitat from logging.