2020 Season: Our 2020 zoo season has ended. 2020 Winter Wonderland: Wed-Sun evenings, Nov 27-Dec 30

Safety Rules & Guidelines


Following state regulations, we have implemented updated visitor guidelines in addition to the rules below.
Please review all 2020 season information before visiting.


For your safety and the welfare of the animals, please obey all posted signs and guidelines throughout the Southwick’s Zoo’s property.

The Zoo Staff will remove anyone who violates Zoo Guidelines.  We Reserve the right to inspect anything that is brought into the zoo.

No Pets

For the health and safety of the animals, pets of any kind are not allowed on zoo property. DO NOT leave pets in your car while you are in the zoo or in Galliford’s.

Service Dog Policy: 

In compliance with ADA regulations, service dogs are allowed in the zoo. As defined by the ADA, service animals are animals trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Pets providing emotional support, well being, comfort, or companionship are not recognized as service animals under ADA regulations. Please be aware that Pets, emotional support animals, and therapy animals are not allowed inside the zoo.

For the safety of the service animal and the animals in the zoo, service dogs not allowed in the following areas: Deer Forest, Petting Zoo, Parakeet Aviary, Elk Forest (Train Ride), or the Bird Show Area.  We also ask that those with service animals please keep their distance from the following exhibits: lions, tigers, cheetahs, servals, leopard, chimpanzees, and giraffes


Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, heelies, child scooters, and pedal toys are NOT allowed in the zoo.


Never Cross Any Fence or Barrier Within the Zoo

Visitors must stay on the pathways and cannot cross any fences or barriers. Do not try to touch the animals. Touching is only permitted within the deer forest (please do not touch antlers, however) and in the petting zoo. This is for the health and safety of our animals and our visitors. Remember, all animals can bite and their habitats are their homes. Those who cross barriers will be escorted out of the zoo.

Respect Our Animals

The health and well-being of the animals is our top priority. Please do not yell at them or bang on enclosures. DO NOT throw any objects at the animals or into their habitats, and DO NOT try to reach over fencing to touch or feed animals.

Follow the Rules in the Deer Forest

For the safety of the animals and our visitors, please follow rules posted at the Deer Forest entrance. Guests in the deer forest must stay on the pathway at all times. Do not run, yell, or chase the deer as this is very stressful for the animals. Only feed the deer the food available in the forest as outside food can make them very sick. Please be aware that plastic bags are not allowed in the deer forest or petting zoo.

Do Not Throw Objects Anywhere in the Zoo Except in the Trash Containers

Foreign objects like coins, rocks, straws, or any plastics can create serious health hazards to the animals. Never throw any objects at animals or into their habitats. DO NOT try to feed animals plants growing in the zoo. All animals are on special diets and the incorrect food can make them extremely ill. Do not lean close when taking photos of any animals, especially the primates. It may look cute when they reach for your phone, but if they get it they will destroy it and potentially injure themselves.

Do Not Bring Outside Food For Our Animals/Do Not Feed The Animals

All of our animals’ diets include specific foods.  Any food not part of that diet can be harmful, even if it seems like they could eat it. It is illegal according to the USDA to bring food for the animals into the zoo. 

Feeding of the animals is only allowed in the petting zoo, deer forest, and Parakeet Landing, and only with food that is provided by the zoo. Note: Please do not give deer feed to the goats in the petting zoo, or goat feed to the deer. It makes them ill, only feed them the food available in their area.

Wash your hands after entering the petting zoo or deer forest, especially before eating.

Wear Proper Attire

Keep your shirt and shoes on while walking around the zoo! We strongly suggest wearing comfortable shoes such as sneakers or boots due to our uneven terrain. We do not suggest wearing flip flops, open toed shoes, high heels, or other similar footwear.

Children Must be Supervised at All Times

Adults are responsible for the safety of children in their party. Never leave children unattended. Children must be supervised at all times while in all areas of the zoo including play areas, near/on rides, and in the gift shops. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult while in the petting zoo and deer forest.

Do Not Run in the Zoo

Our zoo is located on a hill and some pathways are uneven. For your safety, please do not run. Be very careful with strollers and wagons.

Alcohol and Smoking is Not Permitted

Alcohol cannot be brought onto zoo grounds, and alcoholic beverages purchased in Galiford’s cannot be brought into the zoo. Southwick’s Zoo is a smoke-free facility, so smoking is not allowed within the zoo.

The Zoo Staff will remove anyone who violates Zoo Guidelines.  We Reserve the right to inspect anything that is brought into the Zoo.

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