Open April 6 – October 31: 10:00am-5:00pm Daily


In partnership with Scooterbug, we offer stroller, wagon, wheelchair, and scooter rentals for our visitors.

Rental Rates:

Stroller $8
Double Stroller $10
Wagon $10
Wheelchair $15
Scooter $35



Wheelchairs and scooters may be reserved in advance by calling 1-800-258-9182 ext 204. All reserved wheelchair and scooter rentals must be paid in full by credit card over the phone. Reserved rentals cannot be refunded. We have a limited number of rentals, if you do not reserve a wheelchair or scooter in advance, we cannot guarantee availability the day of your visit. Strollers and wagons cannot be reserved over the phone. Rental Guidelines

  • Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of each rental. If you plan on renting a wheelchair or scooter, you may want to reserve it in advance.
  • Visitors must show a photo ID to be eligible for a rental
  • Rentals require either a refundable $10 deposit (cash only) OR an ID left at the rental booth. Note: The deposit will not be refunded if rental is returned to the entrance after 5:00pm.
  • All rentals must be returned to the entrance no later than 5:00pm. If a rental is returned later than 5:00pm, the deposit will not be returned, or the ID may need to be mailed to the owner the next day.
  • Renters must be at least 18 years of age to operate scooters.

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