2020 Season: Our 2020 zoo season has ended. 2020 Winter Wonderland: Wed-Sun evenings, Nov 27-Dec 30


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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please review all 2020 season visitor information before visiting. Click here to learn more.

PHASE 3 / COVID Questions:

Do I need to wear a mask in the zoo? Do I have to keep in on for the whole visit?

Yes. Following state restrictions, guests are required to wear masks covering their nose AND mouth upon entry, and they must wear their mask for the duration of their visit.

If I have a medical condition, do I need to wear a mask? Am I still allowed to visit?

Guests who cannot wear a ask for medical reasons are permitted to visit. Please notify our admissions staff when you check in at the entrance. You will be given a sticker so staff within the zoo will be aware that you are unable to wear a mask.

Can I purchase tickets when I arrive at the zoo?

Tickets cannot be purchased at our entrance at this time. Following state restrictions, guests are required to purchase tickets online for a specific date and entry time. Click here to learn more.

I have unused 2019 tickets or pre-purchased tickets for the 2020 season. Can I still use them?

The expiration date of unused 2019 admission tickets and 2020 admission tickets has been extended to October 31, 2021. Those with pre-purchased admission have the option use their tickets this season OR to wait and use their tickets during next year’s season.

If you have pre-purchased tickets you would like to use, you will need to make a “Previously Purchased Ticket Reservation” for a specific date and entry time. You will need to bring your reservation AND your tickets to gain entry.

NOTE: There will be no discounts or refunds given if using Zoo-It-All admission during this time. If you have Zoo-It-All admission, we recommend waiting to use your tickets until later this summer we are hopefully able to open our rides or until the 2021 season.

If I’m running late, will I still be allowed to use my tickets?

Yes, arriving up to a half hour or so past your entry time is okay. Any longer, and we can change their reservation to a later time. Please note that each entry time has a limited number of tickets, and we must keep track how many guests enter during each time slot.

How long can I stay in the park during Phase 3?

We ask that guests try to stay no more than 3 hours for their visit.

Are restrooms open?

Yes, our restrooms are open.

What attractions are open or closed right now?

Please visit our visitor information page to see a list of what attractions are available and which ones are still closed.

Are military rates available ?

Yes, our military rates are available. Active service people receive free general admission, and must make a reservation through the website under “Previously Purchased Tickets” and show their ID card at guest services to check in.

Dependents of Active Service will need to make a reservation and provide payment of $15 admission for each dependent and show their dependent military ID at the Guest services window.

Veterans will also need to make a reservation and provide a payment of $15 and show their veteran ID at the Guest Services Window.  Please note that dependents of veterans do not receive a discount and must purchase Phased tickets (this option is located above the previously purchased reservation section).

Admission Related Questions:

Do I need to print my tickets? Can they be shown on my phone?

If you do not have access to a printer, you can show your tickets on your phone at admissions.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards. Please be aware that, at this time, admission tickets must be purchased online for a specific date and entry time.

Do I need to purchase tickets for/make a rservation for a child under the age of 3?

Admission if free for children under the age of 3, so you do not need to purchase a ticket or make a reservation for a child that is 2 years or younger.

Do you offer an EBT discount?

Sorry, we do not offer an EBT discout.

Does Southwick’s Zoo offer memberships?

We do not have our own membership program. However, members of EARTH Ltd receive free admission to the zoo. You can learn more about EARTH memberships here.

I’m a member of Zoo New England, do I get a discount on admission at Southwick’s?

Southwick’s Zoo is privately owned and is not affiliated with Zoo New England or Roger Williams Zoo. The only memberships that will get you free admission to our zoo are EARTH Ltd memberships.

I plan on paying with cash. Is it ok if some of bills are heavily ripped or damaged?

Sorry, we cannot accept money that has been ripped, taped together, or vandalized.
NOTICE: Following current state restrictions, guests must purchase admission online. Tickets cannot be purchased at our entrance at this time.

General Visitor Questions:

Is there a fee for parking?

Parking is always FREE at Southwick’s Zoo!

Are you handicap accessible?

We are handicap accessible. Please be aware that we are on natural terrain, this means that there are hills and inclines to manage. Some paths within the zoo are unpaved as well. Electric wheelchairs/scooters are best to navigate the park.

Do we have to bring a stroller or can we rent one?

You can bring your own stroller. We do have rentals available. We offer the following rentals: strollers, double strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, and scooters. Click here for rental information.

Can we bring our own lunch?

Guests cannot bring outside food into the zoo. Large containers including coolers are not allowed into the zoo. Guests can still bring smaller items like water bottles, snacks, and food for childcare, however. Please be careful to remain 6 feet away from other guests while you are eating and drinking. Please stay off of main pathways when eating and drinking.

Note: It is against USDA regulations to bring in food for the animals.

Can I leave the zoo and re-enter?

Sorry, at this time, we cannot allow guests to exit and re-enter the zoo.

Can I bring my dog to the zoo?

Sorry, pets are NOT allowed due to animal health and safety. Pets are not to be left in vehicles in the parking areas.

Are service animals allowed?

In compliance with ADA regulations, service dogs are allowed in the zoo. As defined by the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. Pets providing emotional support, well being, comfort, or companionship are not recognized as service animals under ADA regulations. Please be aware that pets, emotional support animals, and therapy animals are not allowed inside the zoo.

For the safety of the service animal and the animals in the zoo, service dogs not allowed in the following areas: Deer Forest, Petting Zoo, Parakeet Aviary, Elk Forest (Train Ride), or the Bird Show Area.  We also ask that those with service animals please keep their distance from the following exhibits: lions, tigers, cheetahs, servals, leopard, chimpanzees, and giraffes.

Can I bring in food for the animals? Can I feed the animals?

Sorry, food for the animals is not permitted as it can seriously harm our animals. The United States Department of Agriculture prohibits visitors from bringing any food into the zoo to feed the animals. Any food brought to the zoo for animal consumption will be confiscated. Feeding “people food” purchased for or brought into the zoo for human consumption or even feeding plants growing in the zoo can be VERY harmful to the animals and is NOT ALLOWED.

Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals. The only exceptions are the deer in Deer Forest, goats in the petting zoo, and parakeets in Parakeet Landing, and visitors can only feed animals in these locations their specific food provided by the zoo.  *DO NOT bring deer feed into the petting zoo. The deer and goats have different diets, and the incorrect food makes them very sick. Do not feed the alpacas in the petting zoo.

Where can I find First Aid?

First Aid kits are located at all dining and retail venues. A first aid station is available at the main entrance.

Can my children bring their bikes?

Sorry, skateboards, rollerblades, heelies, child scooters or pedal toys, and bikes are NOT allowed.

Can I bring a backpack?

Guests cannot bring any large bags or containers in to the zoo including, but not limited to coolers, full-size backpacks, large diaper bags, etc. Smaller bags are still permitted.

Can I wear Flip Flops?

You may wear flip flops At Your Own Risk. Flip Flops or open foot sandals are NOT recommended as appropriate footwear to the zoo due to terrain and dangers either known or unknown. Flip Flops or loose shoes cannot be worn on the Skyfari Sky Ride, you may leave them along with loose articles with the Skyfari cashier for safe keeping.

Why aren’t mothers or fathers getting free admission on Mother’s & Father’s Day?

While we know first-hand how hard mothers and fathers work throughout the year, unfortunately, it is not financially possible for us to offer them free admission. We are only open seasonally, and as a family-owned zoo, we receive absolutely no state funding and rely on admission proceeds to care for the animals year round. We offer half-price general admission to moms on Mother’s Day and dads and Father’s Day.

Does Southwick’s have an adopt an animal program?

Yes. Click here to learn more about our Sponsor a Species Program.

What kind of animals are in the zoo?

You can find our animal exhibit list here.

Can I have a birthday party in the zoo?

At this time we are not booking birthday parties. We cannot guarantee when we will be able to resume birthday parties, so please check back for updates. For more information click here.

Will the zoo donate passes to my organization’s fundraiser?

We receive a very high volume of donation requests each year, and we try to fulfill as many as we can. Visit our Donation Guidelines page to learn more about how to request a donation of 2 general admission passes for use in fundraiser raffles, auctions, etc

Does Southwick’s Zoo have a room for breastfeeding mothers?

Yes, we do offer a room for breastfeeding mothers looking for privacy. The room is next to the family restroom, on the left side of the large building located between the petting zoo and the Bactrian camel habitat. The nursing room has two sides divided by a curtain and has rocking chairs and a changing table.

Do I need to worry about bees and other insects?

While we try our best to control bee and yellow jacket populations in the zoo, please remember that we are located in a rural, forested area, so bees and other insects are naturally occurring part of the environment. If you are allergic to bee stings, please remember to be cautious and bring any necessary medical items. If you are stung by a bee in our zoo, first aid kits are located in all concessions stands and a first aid room is located near the main entrance.

Does the zoo have a rain policy?

If you have been visiting the zoo less than 3 hours and must leave the zoo due to rain, please present your receipt to a cashier at admissions or the Guest Services window as you exit, and we will stamp it for a return visit this season.

Please be aware that the free return visit is only available as Admission Only (general) and not Zoo-It-All (combo).

Reminder: While our zoo is open rain or shine, rides, most attractions, shows, and smaller food and retail locations are weather permitting, so they may be closed or may close early on rainy days.

Zoofari Drive Thru Questions:

The Zoofari Drive Thru is a new option for guests to explore the zoo from the comfort of their vehicle. This experience is available Monday and Wednesday nights during the 2020 season. Click here for the Zoofari Drive Thru Information page.

Do Zoofari Drive Thrus need to be booked in advance?

Yes, tickets for the Zoofari Drive Through must be purchased in advance online. Each date has a limited number of tickets, and they often sell out.

What time should I arrive for my Drive Thru tour?

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before you selected tour time. Please be aware that you must arrive and check in within 15 minutes of your selected tour time. If you arrive and check in more than 15 minutes past your selected time, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed entry.

How long is the Drive Thru?

Each drive thru tour will last approximately 45 minutes.

Is the zoo fully paved?

Please be aware that not all paths in the zoo are paved, so some sections may be bumpy. We are also located on a hill, so some pathways on the drive thru route are somewhat steep.

Can we stop and get out of our car?

Once the tour starts, guests cannot get out of their vehicles. Guests must remain seated and car doors must remain closed at all times when inside the zoo. You may open your windows.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Drive thru tour visitors do not need to wear a mask since they remain in their vehicles. However, we ask that guests wear a mask during any interactions with zoo employees such as during check-in.

Will restrooms be open?

A port a john will be located next to the waiting area. However, guests are not permitted to leave their vehicle while in the zoo, and restrooms within the zoo will not be open during drive thru tours. Tours last about 45 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

Will there be food available to purchase?

Concessions (cash preferred) will be available while you wait for your tour to start selling water, snacks, ice cream novelties, popcorn, and cotton candy (prices range from $3-$5). Wait times will vary depending on volume and speed of cars in front of you.

Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern will also be open for takeout. Drive Thru guests are welcome to place on order (online or by phone) to pick-up after their tour. Learn more at www.gallifords.com.

What animals will I see?

Please view the Drive Thru Map (found on this page) to see which habitats are on the route. While many species are more active in the evening, please remember that some animals may choose to go indoors and off exhibit. We cannot guarantee what animals will be outside and visible at any given time.

Can I bring my pets?

Pets are not allowed into the zoo, so they CANNOT be brought to Zoofari Drive Thru tours. The only exception is service animals.

What happens if it rains?

Drive thru tours are rain or shine.

Do EARTH Members get a discount?

There is not a EARTH Member discount for our regular Zoofari Drive Thru tours.

Does the roof have to be on my Jeep or Convertible?

Yes, for safety reasons, Jeep and convertible roofs must be kept on during the tours.

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