2020 Season: May 25-October 31

EARTH Awareness Day

Saturday, August 3rd

Learn about a variety of zoological and conservation topics during this educational event!

Visiting exhibitors and vendors will be set up within the zoo, and our interns will be presenting their research projects. Learn about a variety of topics including beekeeping, endangered species, wetlands, birds of prey, and more.

*Event is included with normal admission rates at no additional cost.

Intern Projects & Exhibitors/Vendors

Intern Projects

EARTH Discovery Center Interns

  • Animal Enrichment– Hannah Brady
  • Invasive Species – Janel McCarty
  • Lion Roars – Kyla Appnel
  • Sea Turtle Rehabilitation – Ashley Wrean
  • Convergent Evolution – Julia Lyman
  • Choosing a Pet – Robin Vaudrain

Bird Department Interns

  • Pongo, Red-legged Seriema, Target and Crate Movement Desensitization – Dylan King
  • Jolly, Military Macaw, Voluntary Nail Trims – Sophia Theilacker
  • Ernie, Eclectus Parrot, Strengthening Vocals and Voluntary Nail Trims – Sarah Kennedy
  • Amber, Eclectus Parrot, Strengthening Recalls – Emily Puchala
  • Sebastian, African Grey Parrot, Voluntary Keel Score – Erin Levine
  • Sugar, Umbrella Cockatoo, Desensitization to Scooters – Lena Pacheco
  • Ben, Hyacinth Macaw, Color Discrimination – Ashley Johnston

Hoofstock Department Interns

  • Rhino Poaching – Jacky Zinchuk
  • Protecting Pangolins – Katie Donovan

Primate Department Interns

  • Palm Oil – Carissa Charbonneau
  • Hero Rats– Fiona Price
  • Lemurs – Megan Langevin
  • Primate Communication – Sidney Sipes

Education Interns

  • Wild Adventure Program – Hannah Wilder


Birds of Prey Presentation at 1:00pm – Presented by Wingmasters

Endangered Species – Presented by Jane Deming

Blackstone Heritage Corridor

Angel Hair Alpacas

Freak of Nature CT – soaps made from hops

HomeWorks Energy, Inc

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