Yes, we are open daily during our 2021 season (April 12-October 31) as a walk thru.
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Experience a whole new adventure at Southwick’s Zoo with our Drive Thru Zoofari Tours!

Information is subject to change without notice. Please read all information below before purchasing your drive thru ticket. If you have questions, please email guestservices@southwickszoo.com.

We are excited to offer a safe and educational option for visitors looking for a reduced contact way to visit our zoo. Drive Thru Zoofari tours are approximately 45 minutes long and involve driving your vehicle through our zoo along a designated route. Don’t forget to download the educational audio tour to play during your drive thru!

Reminder: While we are open daily as a walk thru, the zoo is CLOSED to walk thru visitors during Drive Thru Zoofari tours. Rides, attractions, shows, retail (excluding the Purple Peacock Gift Shop), and food venues (excluding Galliford’s Restaurant & Tavern) are CLOSED during Drive Thrus. Click here to learn more about visiting us as a walk thru.

Drive Thru Hours & Admission Information

Reminder: Drive Thru admission must be purchased online in advance. Each date and time has limited tickets.

June 29th, 4:30pm-6:15pm


Drive thru admission is only available per vehicle and not per person.
Zoo tickets, coupons, and discounts cannot be applied to the cost of Drive Thru admission.
EARTH Members will receive a discount on select dates/times; members will receive an email with more information.

Notice: We recommend arriving 30 minutes BEFORE your selected tour time, and you must arrive at the zoo parking lot and check-in within 15 minutes of your selected entry time to be guaranteed entry. Please also note that we cannot guarantee that your tour will begin exactly at your selected entry time as it will depend on your placement in line and the volume of cars. For example, if you select 3:30pm, expect to enter the zoo and begin your drive thru 3:30-4:00pm.

Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time with your ticket printed and on hand. If you plan on using the audio tour, we strongly recommend downloading it BEFORE you leave home since we do not have public wifi in the zoo.

When You arrive:

All drive thru guests must enter the parking lot through the lot entrance on Vineyard Street side of the parking lot. Enter the address 46 Vineyard St, Millville, MA 01529 into your GPS to be directed to the correct entrance. Look for the ENTER HERE sign with giraffes.

Safety Rules and Guidelines

All guests entering Southwick’s Zoo are doing so at their own risk. Southwick’s Zoo will not be held responsible for injuries or damage to vehicles. Please review all rules before purchasing your ticket.

Please remember that our zoo is located on a hill, so some pathways are somewhat steep. Not all pathways along the route are paved, and some sections such as the Deer Forest and Elk Forest have natural terrain and may be bumpy.

No oversized vehicles. Large commercial vehicles, motorcycles, open side vehicles, and recreational devices (bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc) are not permitted. Yes, minivans and pickup trucks are allowed! For safety reasons, roofs must be left on Jeeps and convertibles, and visitors cannot ride in the bed of pickup trucks.

Do not exceed a maximum speed of 2 mph.

Keep one car length between vehicles. DO NOT try to pass other vehicles.

Follow the lead car at all times, and DO NOT leave the designated route.

Keep noise to a minimum. Do not honk or play loud music. 

Do not drive distracted.

Guests are not allowed to stop their vehicle or exit their vehicle during the duration of the tour. All tailgates, doors, and hatchbacks must remain closed at all times

Do not throw any objects out of your vehicle’s window. Guests are not allowed to throw food to the animals.

No smoking and No alcohol

No pets in vehicles. Drive thru guests cannot bring pets for drive thru tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the zoo open as a walk thru during Drive Thru Zoofari tours?
No, the zoo is not open for walk thru visitors during the tour times. Drive Thru tours utilize our existing roads and pathways within the zoo, so, for the safety of all visitors, the zoo is closed as a walk thru during the drive thru tours.

If I visit the zoo as a walk thru on a day drive thru tours are available, can I stay and do a drive thru tour?
Drive Thru Zoofari tours require their own date and time specific ticket that must be purchased in advance online. Unless you have purchased a Drive Thru ticket in addition to regular zoo admission, you cannot drive through the zoo after visiting us as a walk thru.

Regular zoo admission tickets cannot be upgraded to a Drive Thru Zoofari ticket, and they cannot be applied to the price of a Drive Thru Zoofari ticket.

What time should I arrive?
Please arrive at least 30 minutes before you selected tour time. Please be aware that you must arrive and check in within 15 minutes of your selected tour time. If you arrive and check in more than 15 minutes past your selected time, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed entry.

How long is the Drive Thru?
Each drive thru tour will last approximately 45 minutes.

Is the zoo fully paved?
Please be aware that not all paths in the zoo are paved, so some sections may be bumpy. We are also located on a hill, so some pathways on the drive thru route are somewhat steep.

Can we stop and get out of our car?
Once the tour starts, guests cannot get out of their vehicles. Guests must remain seated and car doors must remain closed at all times when inside the zoo. You may open your windows.

Do I need to wear a face mask?
Drive thru tour visitors do not need to wear a mask.

Will restrooms be open?
A port a john will be located next to the waiting area. However, guests are not permitted to exit their vehicle while in the zoo, and restrooms within the zoo will not be open during drive thru tours. Tours last about 45 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

What animals will I see?
Please view the Drive Thru Map to see which habitats are on the route. Please remember that some animals may choose to go indoors and off exhibit. We cannot guarantee what animals will be outside and visible at any given time.

Can I bring my pets?
Pets are not allowed into the zoo, so they CANNOT be brought to Drive Thru tours. The only exception is service animals.

What happens if it rains?
Drive thru tours are rain or shine.

Does the roof have to be on my Jeep or Convertible?
Yes, for safety reasons, Jeep and convertible roofs must be kept on during the tours.

Are the animals free roaming? Do they approach visitor’s vehicles?
All animals remain in their habitats. The only sections with free roaming species are the Deer Forest and Elk Forest. Please note that the deer and elk do not approach vehicles and remain a safe distance away.

Route Map

Click the map to view larger.
Reminder: We cannot guarantee what animals will be outside and visible at any given time.

Audio Tour

Looking for a transcript of the audio tour to print? Click here to download!

We recommend downloading the following tracks to play during your tour BEFORE you leave your home for the zoo.

If you plan on streaming the audio, please be aware that we do not have public wifi through the zoo, so you will need to use data. Please also keep in mind that, due to our location, we do not always have strong cell service.


Download Instructions

Downloading to an iPhone:

1. Click the download link above
2. You will get a pop up window that says “Do you want to download?”. Press where it says Download in blue.
3. Click the blue arrow symbol at the top right of your screen to show recently downloaded files.
4. Click on the zipped file to bring you to your downloads folder (you can also access your download folder by going to your “Files” app)
5. Click on the zip file to unzip. A file folder should show up right next to the zip file.
6. Click on the file folder to access the individual tracks.

Downloading to an Android Phone:

1. Click the download link above
2. A popup will appear at the bottom of your screen saying “Downloading”
3. After it has finished downloading, Click the blue text that says “Open”
4. To unzip the files, click “Extract”
5. You will now be able to access the audio tracks from your music app.

1. Welcome & Tour Info

Play in parking lot before entering

3. Deer Forest

Play at entrance to Deer Forest

10. Wetlands & Elk Forest

Play at elk forest gate