Primates are curious creatures

As primate keepers we get all sorts of questions and comments from our visitors. Primates are very active, smart, and curious.  Recently, we’ve had a few new additions to our primate family in addition to the Siamang….we’ve have a baby Schmidt’s guenon, Ring tail lemur, Capuchin monkey, and a lot of primates of various ages.  The youngsters mostly stay with the family, but as they get older like any toddler, they start to explore their environment under the watchful eye of mama.  The baby ring tail lemur is small enough to venture outside of their exhibit and will go close to the fence.  Many people have come running to us expressing “the baby monkey got out!”  This is perfectly normal, the baby lemur will venture away from mom and seek out new enjoyment, but he/she will always go back as soon as mama calls.  We ask that our visitors stay back and watch…soon you will see mama call and the baby go running back to her.  It is truly a great experience.  We have another curious toddler…the young Schmidt’s Guenon will actually figure out how to go into the North American Porcupine’s exhibit and even sometimes on top of their exhibit.  He does not bother the porcupines and he is just curious to see what is going on over there.  Mama calls him back and he goes home.  Again, we know about this and ask for everyone to stay back and watch at how the animals interact with each other when one ventures away from the family for a short time and how the family calls him/her back.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we try to let our primate families raise and teach their babies and toddlers!

Schmidt's Guenons are Very Curious Monkeys!

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