Zookeeper’s Report


The last few weeks have been really exciting here at the zoo, the babies are coming out more and are getting used to the people.  The primates are really social and love interacting with the visitors.  The big cats are loving the attention the humans provide and can be seen stalking and watching the visitors […]

Zookeeper Ruth Reports


We are really excited that spring is coming and we are getting the zoo ready for opening day.  For enrichment, we have been filling pvc pipes and wire boxes with food and hay for the animals to investigate and dig out.  Now that the snow is mostly gone we have been hiding food and treats […]

Primate Zookeeper Ruth & Michelle Report

It has been great watching the primates that like to go outside in the winter. If the weather is nice enough, the Chimpanzees, Mandrills, and Colobus Monkeys like to go outside.  Just after the last big snowfall, the male chimpanzee was trying to make his way outside towards his favorite tree.  He didn’t like getting […]