Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is there a fee for parking?

Parking is always FREE at Southwick’s Zoo!

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards. An ATM is available at the main entrance.

Are you handicap accessible?

We are handicap accessible. Please be aware that we are on natural terrain, this means that there are hills and inclines to manage. Electric wheelchairs / scooters are best to navigate the park. Manual wheelchair rentals are available at the entrance. We have a limited supply, to reserve call 800-258-9182 x 204. Sorry, we no longer rent electric scooters.

Does Southwick’s Zoo offer memberships?

We do not have a memberships program. However, members of EARTH Ltd receive free admission to the zoo. You can learn more about EARTH memberships here.

Do you accept the Feinstein Jr. Scholar Card?

Sorry, we no longer accept the Feinstein Jr Scholar cards. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our visitors.

I’m a member of Zoo New England, do I get a discount on admission at Southwick’s?

Southwick’s Zoo is privately owned and is not affiliated with Zoo New England or Roger Williams Zoo. The only memberships that will get you free admission to our zoo are EARTH Ltd memberships.

Do we have to bring a stroller or can we rent one?

You can bring your own stroller, but we do have rentals available. Rentals are available at the main entrance. Stroller: $5.00 (single seat) Wagon: $10.00 (seats 2 small children) / Zebra Wagon: $10.00 (Seats 2 small Children w/ push handle) Wheelchair: $10.00 (manual) All those who choose to rent a stroller, wagon, or wheelchair from Southwick’s Zoo must leave a $10 deposit on top of the rental fee that will be returned once the rental is returned.

Can we bring our own lunch?

Yes, you can bring your own lunch. Southwick’s Zoo has a variety of concessions for all appetites; however you may bring a picnic lunch into the zoo. It is against USDA regulations to bring in food for the animals. We do have picnic areas throughout the park for your convenience. Grills or camp stoves are NOT ALLOWED.

Can I leave the zoo and go out to my car?

Yes, Re-Entry to the zoo is allowed. Hand stamps will be given upon admission to the zoo.

Can I bring my dog to the zoo?

Sorry, *NO PETS* are allowed due to animal health and safety. Pets are not to be left in vehicles in the parking areas.

Are service animals allowed?

Service animals are allowed in the zoo. HOWEVER, they are not allowed in certain areas: the deer forest, petting zoo, or around the big cats (lions, tigers, cheetah, and leopard).

Can I bring in food for the animals?

Sorry, food for the animals is not permitted as it can harm our animals. Help us keep our animals safe and healthy! The United States Department of Agriculture prohibits visitors to bring food for the animals into the zoo for the Health and Safety of the animals. Southwick’s Zoo provides feed machines for those animals that visitors are allowed to feed. Foods such as corn, popcorn, fruits, vegetables, crackers, bread, etc. brought to the zoo for animal consumption will be confiscated. Please feed only the animals in the petting areas or where feed machines are available. Feeding food to the other animals that are on a special diet is harmful to these animals. Feeding “people food” bought at or brought into the zoo for human consumption is VERY harmful to the animals and is NOT ALLOWED. *DO NOT bring deer feed into the petting zoo. The deer and goats have different diets, and the feed provided for the deer makes the goats ill.

Are you open in the rain?

Southwick’s Zoo is open Rain or Shine! Rides & Shows may be canceled due to inclement weather. Rain Policy. Please save your Admission Receipt when entering the Zoo! If you are “rained out” and have been in the zoo for less than 3 hours, please provide your admission receipt to a cashier as you exit, so we can stamp it for a complimentary return visit this season!

Where can I find First Aid?

First Aid kits are located at all dining and retail venues. A first aid station is available at the main entrance.

Can my children bring their bikes?

Sorry, skateboards, rollerblades, heelies, child scooters or pedal toys, and bikes are NOT allowed.

Can I bring a backpack?

Yes, however, Southwick’s Zoo reserves the right to inspect all bags / backpacks entering the zoo. (Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, weapons, food for animals, glass bottles are not allowed into the zoo)

Can I wear Flip Flops?

Flip Flops or open foot sandals are NOT recommended as appropriate footwear to the zoo due to terrain and dangers either known or unknown. You may wear flip flops or open foot sandals At Your Own Risk. Flip Flops or loose shoes cannot be worn on the Skyfari Sky Ride, you may leave them along with loose articles with the Sky Ride Cashier for safe keeping.

Why aren’t mothers or fathers getting free admission on Mother’s & Father’s Day?

While we know first-hand how hard mothers and fathers work throughout the year, unfortunately, it is not financially possible for us to offer them free admission. We are only open seasonally, and as a family-owned Zoo, we receive absolutely no funding and rely on admission proceeds to keep the zoo operational year round. We will however, be giving mothers half price admission for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day this year.

Does Southwick’s have an adopt an animal program?

Yes, we do. For more information click here.

What kind of animals are in the zoo?

You can find our animal exhibit list here.

Can I have a birthday party in the zoo?

Yes, we allow people to reserve our birthday pavilions (with a minimum of 20 guests) and offer four different birthday packages. For more information click here.

Will the zoo donate passes to my organization’s fundraiser?

We receive a very high volume of donation requests each year, and we try to fulfill as many as we can. Visit our Donation Guidelines page to learn more about how to request a donation of 2 general admission passes for use in fundraiser raffles, auctions, etc