Schmidt’s Guenon

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Scientific Name
Schmidt's Guenon


30 years

12-24 inches body
21-35 inches tail

Average Weight
7-10 lbs

Group Name

Group Size
up to 30

Name of Young

We Eat:
We Live:
We Are:Threatened

Did you know?

  • Schmidt’s guenons are also known as red-tailed guenons and sometimes spot-nosed guenons.
  • Guenons have cheek pouches to store food. These cheek pouches can hold nearly the same amount of food as their stomach. Their diet consists of fruit, flowers, seeds, leaves, and insects.
  • Females remain in the same group for their entire lifetime, but males are forced to leave once they reach sexual maturity. They may join an all male group, or displace a male from a different group.

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