Reeve’s Muntjac

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Scientific Name
Muntiacus reevesi


Wild: 10 years
Captivity: 17 years

17-20.50 inches

Average Weight
24-35 lbs

Group Name

Group Size

Name of Young

We Eat:
We Live:
We Are:Common

Did you know?

  • Muntjacs are a tiny species of deer with reddish brown fur. They are native to southern China and Taiwan. However, a small feral population exists in England.
  • Both males and females have tusk-like canine teeth. These are used for fighting for mates or for protection from predators. Males also have small antlers, about 4 inches long at the most.
  • Reeve’s Muntjac, as well as other species of muntajc deer, are sometimes called barking deer. This name comes from the loud, sharp barking noises they make. They bark if they spot a predator and as a form of communication.

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