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Scientific Name
Mandrillus Sphinx


25-30 years

Females: 22-26 in
Males: 32-36 in

Average Weight
Females: 25-30 lbs
Males: 55-77 lbs

Group Name
Troop or Horde

Group Size
Up to 20

Name of Young

We Eat:
We Live:
We Are:Endangered
Mandrilsl are hunted as bushmeat, and they are threatened by habitat loss.

Did you know?

  • Mandrills are the largest species of monkey. The males are easily recognized by the bright colors on their faces and rears.
  • The male’s brightly colored rear end is attractive to females. It also helps them to follow each other in the forest.
  • Mandrills live in troops, also called “hordes”, typically led by the largest and most colorful male. Occasionally, males will live on their own and only join a horde during the breeding season.

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