Hyacinth Macaw

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Our hyacinth macaw is not on display in the zoo. However, zoo visitors can see him in our bird shows at the show arena!

Scientific Name
Andorohynchus hyacinthinus


up to 60+ years

3.3 feet head to the tip of the tail

Average Weight
3.75 lbs

Group Name

Group Size

Name of Young

We Eat:
We Live:
We Are:Endangered
The illegal pet trade is one of the leading threats to this species.

Did you know?

  • Hyacinth macaws live in central and eastern South America. They are the largest species of macaw and the largest flying parrot. Their wingspan can reach 4 feet across. The largest parrot is the flightless kakapo.
  • Hyacinth macaws are endangered. Their population is still in decline. They are popular as pets and are sometimes taken illegally from the wild for trade. They have also lost much of their habitat due to human interference and increasing agriculture.
  • Hyacinth macaws have very strong mandibles (jaw) and sharp beaks so they can crack open the nuts and seeds that make up the majority of their diet. They need to be able to open coconuts, brazil nuts, macadamias, and other nuts.

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