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August 24, 2013

My name is Alexander Cox; my mom and I have been members of Earth Ltd. since 2006. First, being members with Earth Limited, my mom and I have unlimited visits to Southwick’s Zoo, Earth’s home, letting us visit and experience one of the largest and best cared for, displays of animals in New England. Even though we live in Quincy, MA, right outside of Boston, we try to make it there as much as we can. Next, I have always loved animals, but Earth Ltd. has seriously inspired me to go into the field of animal behavior. In addition, the people of Earth are a huge source of information, and share what ever they can whether in their daily animal presentations or helping out with school projects. They have been super kind, and caring, making my mom and I feel like family. Earth has been such a special place to me that it has inspired me to do do fundraising over the years with school, birthday parties, and friends to help out their cause in any way I can. Without Earth, my love of animals would not be where it is today.

-Alexander Cox

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