ZooBabies Day

piglet 1

This Sunday is ZooBabies Day! If you follow our news blog and Facebook page, you probably know that we’ve had quite a few new additions this season. We have babies in over 20 different species including giraffes, red kangaroos, pygmy goats, potbellied pigs, lemurs, numerous monkey species, sloth, and more! On ZooBabies Day we highlight […]

Rhino Week So Far

Our pair of white rhinos, Thelma and Louise

Right now we’re in the middle of Rhino Week! We are celebrating rhinos and rhino conservation all week long with activities and events. We are currently holding a raffle for prizes including rhino encounters and zoo passes, so if you are in the zoo between now and Sunday stop by the EARTH Discovery Center to […]

Baby Two-Toed Sloth!


Everyone loves baby animals, so we’re proud to announce we have a new baby sloth! This little guy is only a few weeks old and clings to it’s mom’s belly. The male and older baby are currently being kept inside, but visitors can come see the female and her baby at the sloth habitat located […]

Giraffe Updates

Max with Pinda and Midas

As many of you know, we had three giraffes born this year. Daisy on January 11, Rocket on February 19, and Max on April 3. The weather seems to finally be warming up, so all of our giraffes have been able to venture outdoors after a long winter in the barn. Max was the first […]