Happy Birthday L.J. and Levanna!


On October 17 our lions, Leroy Jr (L.J. for short)  and Levanna turned 2 years old! We celebrated their birthday on Saturday October 18 by giving them carved pumpkins filled with meat. Check out the photos below to see them play with their birthday treats! If you couldn’t make it to the zoo on Saturday […]

Intern Diary #3


Intern Diary #3 Deanna R.   When people think of internships at Southwick’s Zoo, their minds may automatically go to animal care positions. However, there is a lot more to running a zoo than just the animals. I am fortunate enough to have a marketing internship here at Southwick’s Zoo and I can say that […]

Intern Diary #2


Intern Diary #2 Kelly D. As an intern at Southwick’s zoo, I have spent plenty of time being completely amazed by many of the magnificent creatures that inhabit our zoo. One animal that I have spent a lot of time around is a nine month old Red Kangaroo called Rufus. Rufus was hand raised by […]

Intern Diary #1


We’re doing something a little different. The next few entries are going to be written by our interns.   Intern Diary #1 Lisa D. Being an intern at Southwick’s Zoo is definitely a dirty job at times, but more often than not, it is very rewarding. Over the past couple months I have learned quite […]