Winter at Southwick’s Zoo

winter tigers 1

Where do the animals go in the winter? This is a question we frequently hear this time of year. Some people have even asked if we send them south for the colder months! The simple answer is that they all stay here at Southwick’s Zoo! Once the weather starts to get chilly in late fall, […]

The Benefits of Visitor Assisted Enrichment Activities


Enrichment, when done properly, can be an effective way to engage both animals and visitors. At Southwick’s Zoo we occasionally allow zoo visitors to participate in an animal’s care through closely directed enrichment activities. These interactions not only enhance the lives of our animals, but also leave visitors with a memorable one of a kind experience. […]

Animal Artists


If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed the occasional post about animals painting. Some of the our staff members that work in the EARTH Discovery Center have been using painting as an enrichment activity. The role of enrichment is essentially to keep animals stimulated and to promote natural behaviors. We’ve worked with a […]

Happy Birthday Tanzie!


Our youngest chimpanzee, Tanzie, turned 6 years old last week on March 6th. We waited celebrated her big day yesterday since it was finally sunny out! Last year we made paper mache balloons and gift boxes stuffed with assorted treats. This year our zookeepers surprised Tanzie, and the other chimps as well, with snowmen decorated […]