Where do our animals go in the winter?

Hyena in Winter

The temperature is getting cooler and we’re approaching the close of the zoo season. The questions we get most frequently this time of year is “Where do your animals go in the winter?” The answer? No, they don’t get sent down south, they stay right here in Mendon, MA. All of our animals stay on […]

Inclement Weather

Just a heads up that all rides and shows are closed today due to inclement weather (Sat 10/11).  Sunday and Monday are looking great!  Have a Great Columbus Day Weekend!

L.J. and Levanna are turning two!

African Lion Cubs Born 10/23/12

Join us at Southwick’s Zoo on October 18th at 1:00pm to celebrate L.J. and Levanna’s second birthday! Our lion siblings, L.J. and Levanna, are turning two years old this month!We are celebrating by giving them a special pumpkin treat! Similar to last year, we are going to carve two pumpkins and fill them with meat. […]

We have a new arrival!


Meet the latest addition to Southwick’s Zoo! Just last night, October 2,  our female Grevy’s zebra gave birth! The mother is being very protective and attentive.  At the moment we don’t know if it is male or female, but so far the foal is looking well and is up and walking. This is the first […]