Bird Training and Enrichment at Southwick’s Zoo

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Photo credit: Raya Sultan Al-Hashmi
Photo credit: Raya Sultan Al-Hashmi

Bird Shows

Bird shows will resume in Spring of 2016.

Avian Adventures

During this interactive presentation you will meet some of the most beautiful and intelligent birds on the planet. The show features a number of parrot species demonstrating natural behaviors, showcasing conservation efforts, and teaching about avian behavior and training.

Bird Brains

Ever wonder what goes into training our birds for shows, veterinary procedures, and day to day tasks? Better yet, do you wish you could train your spouse, your children, or your coworkers? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then come down to the bird show stage to learn, watch demonstrations, and even participate in training sessions while we share how we use positive reinforcement to teach our birds to participate in behaviors like those you see during our show.

Wild Wings

Come meet our endangered avian ambassadors during this interactive talk on parrot conservation. Don’t forget to bring a dollar two, because our sun conures will be flying into the audience to retrieve them from you! Half of the money they collect will be given to The Bird Endowment to build nest boxes for wild Blue-throated Macaws (a critically endangered species) and half will be used to purchase toys and enrichment supplies to keep our birds happy and healthy!



Training and Enrichment

Southwick’s Zoo takes pride in our avian staff and our birds. The birds receive daily care and our bird trainers are always creating new enrichment for them. Enrichment is an important aspect of animal care because it provides them with mental and physical stimulation. It also promotes natural behaviors.

kevin Wild birds spend much of their time looking for food. Providing foraging enrichment for birds in captivity helps keep them occupied and helps them avoid boredom. Bored birds are more likely to engage in destructive activities such as feather plucking.

Click the thumbnails below to see more examples of our bird enrichment.

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